TypeScript vs JavaScript

How does TypeScript improve JavaScript?

The JavaScript development team launched JavaScript as a client-side programming language when it was first released.

When individuals started using JavaScript, though, they discovered that it could also be used as a server-side programming language.

Difference between JavaScript and TypeScript!

However, as JavaScript grew in popularity, the code became more sophisticated and heavy. As a result, JavaScript was unable to meet all of the requirements of an Object-oriented programming language.

This makes it impossible for JavaScript to succeed as a server-side technology in the industry. The development team then created TypeScript to fill up the gaps.

Main Differences:

  1. The superset of JavaScript is Typescript, which is a scripting language that enables you to construct interactive web pages.
    JavaScript code does not need to be compiled, whereas Typescript code must.
  2. Typescript use ideas such as types and interfaces to describe the data being utilized, whereas JavaScript does not.
  3. When comparing TypeScript with JavaScript, TypeScript has a prototyping feature that JavaScript does not.
  4. For large projects, Typescript provides a robust type system with generics and JS capabilities, whereas JavaScript is an excellent choice for small projects.

Pros of TypeScript:

  1. It is a powerful system as compared to JS.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Give ES6 support.
  4. It provides a high level of productivity.
  5. It provides the scalability of HTML5.
  6. It points out errors at compilation time.

Cons of TypeScript:

  1. It requires compilation.
  2. Complicated Software.
  3. The fictitious sensation of safety.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find this helpful and will share it with others.

Note: TypeScript is preferred when you have knowledge and experience.



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